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  • We also offer to host your events, concerts, seminars and conferences or any kind of team-building activities in our unique event venue “Noliktava No3”!

  • We offer personalised car rental, customised car advertisement and design, manages and organises active leisure, team-building events and trips. Best of all – if you have any crazily awesome idea, ping us and we can work out something together!

  • 25 funny sized “Fiat 126” cars painted by some of the best Latvian graffiti artists.

  • Since the beginning of this business, we have expanded our offer from simple car rentals to services that you are not going to find anywhere else in the world.

  • By driving in this car you will get all the attention and amazed looks. Basically, you are going to be the funniest guy/girl on the road that everyone wants to be friends with. This is what this project was made for – to create positivity and diversity in the monotonous daily routine of locals and tourists.

  • We work hand in hand with Latvian and international companies and agencies, taking care of active leisure events and incoming tourism events.

Our location / Latvija - Rīga, Andrejostas iela 18

 +371 20 26 26 36


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