PanCars Regularity Track - the goal is to complete two distance laps at the same time, so the most important thing here is not speed, but tricks and skills!


  • The participants have to complete the track twice - for the first lap
    within the maximum time allowed, but for the second lap - in the same time as first lap.
  • Score: The smaller the time difference between the two laps, the more points you get.
  • In the first lap penalty points are counted for each second over max lap time. But in the second lap penalty points are counted for each second over max lap time compared to the first lap.
  • Maximum lap time: 1 min 30 sec.
    (Fits perfectly in widely attended events)

Track can be placed anywhere and customized to different - both large and small areas. The main condition is a straight surface and we will take care of the rest ourselves.

Only persons with a driving license can drive, but anyone can sit next to them.


  • Prepared track
  • Special design car
  • Event host
  • Stopwatch
  • Technical support
  • +++ EXTRA Chalked car rental + crayons + washing: 95 euros / car (Including VAT)


900 EUR + VAT (Track working time up to 3h)
Each additional hour = 150 EUR + VAT (21%)
In one hour can ride ~ 25 people.