TEVA Graffiti Workshop on 2 Cars | Catering | Drink Station | 7.11.2023. 18:30

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We are waiting for you all on 07.11.2022. 18:30  at Andrejostas iela 18, Riga. @PanCars workshop! You will not be able to miss it, because there will be a pile of colourful small cars parked.
We remind you that all safety equipment will be taken care of and all You need to do is – attend the event! Also please note that this workshop will be held indoors, so rain or weather is not our enemy on the day of event 🙂
Get ready for some action and we will take care of the rest! 🙂

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Here we divide participants into several smaller work groups. Each group gets a car or a part of it where they have a chance to show their inner artist potential.

Everything is done under guidance of professional Artists. At the beginning, in an informatively interesting way the participants are introduced to the history of Graffiti & Stencil and learn fun facts about this art/hooliganism trend.

Next comes the group work, sketching, stencil cutting and spray-painting. The workshop is based on a competition, and the winner is determined by the artist.

It all takes 2-2.5h.

As we provide custom experiences, we do not offer cancellations or refunds if less people attend the experience after you have proceeded with payment. 

  • Our 300 m2 street art venue rental
  • Protection equipment (glows, respirators, coveralls)
  • Cars (1 car for 10-18 people)/walls/canvas/pvc
  • Spray paint, markers and painting materials
  • Spray caps – different kinds of caps that help to draw in different kinds of techniques and variations of lines, thickness, etc.
  • The artists managing the workshop, and prizes for the winner & loser teams
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