Featuring RETRO era Vans, Jeeps, Buses & Trucks!

Imagine stepping into an extraordinary entertainment program “A show on wheels” where participants are dressed as inmates, complete with handcuffs. Our drivers and actors, dressed in old-school police uniforms, hilariously take command of the group, pretending that they are a band of lawbreakers undergoing team trials to evade punishment. BUT – the theme of the show can be tailored to fit your specific event(as for example – bachelor events have also a whole beer keg included, to be drunk as a task while having a transfer)!

Your group will be led to unusual urban locations or deep into the forest, where over the time period of 3-4 hours, you will engage in a variety of thematic team challenges (such as solving mysteries, following clues, and tackling mind-bending technical tasks) along with fun activities and beer drinking, resulting in penalties like vodka, pickle juice and Tarhuna shots! We finish our adventure with awards in nature where we share a large pot of soup (solyanka).


Participants must start thinking differently, embracing their new roles in this world. Of course, nobody wants to stay locked up. Inmates must not only think about themselves but also about their fellow prisoners. To successfully break free from confinement, participants will need to work as a unified team.

The eccentric police officer, who at times seems downright mad and lives in his own world, adds a unique twist. Will the inmates face punishment, or will they find a way to connect with this eccentric character? It all depends on them.

The path to freedom is found by thinking outside the box, applying technical skills, and reevaluating each step and action. It’s about working together with a playful approach to achieve a common goal!

RIGA PRISON BREAK TRANSFER is perfect for adventurous friend groups, companies, and teams seeking unity, mental stimulation, and, of course, a genuinely fun and entertaining experience.

Currently available vehicles(more coming up soon):

2 x GAZ 69 (7 passenger seats each),

3 x UAZ (8 passenger seats each),

2 x KAVZ (21 passenger seats),

1 x GAZ 66 (20 passenger seats).


  • Choice of transportation with a driver
  • Event host/actor
  • Group pick-up and drop-off at any location in Riga
  • Costume rental, cleaning, and handcuffs
  • Customizable route, depending on available time (standard tour duration: 3-4 hours)
  • Challenge-themed snacks, drinks(beer keg and shots), equipment, and pneumatic weapons
  • Hot soup (solyanka), water bottles
  • Fuel and full vehicle cleaning
  • Awards / custom medals



GAZ 69 (7 passenger seats each) = 865 eur

UAZ (8 passenger seats each) = 960 eur

KAVZ (21 passenger seats) = 2295 eur

GAZ 66 (20 passenger seats) = 2200 eur

Simple TRANSFER (Airport-Hotel):

GAZ 69 (7 passenger seats each) = 310 eur

UAZ (8 passenger seats each) = 340 eur

KAVZ (21 passenger seats) = 830 eur

GAZ 66 (20 passenger seats) = 800 eur

+ VAT (21%)