It is an exciting orienteering and adventure race with PanCars amusing cars based on the ESCAPE ROOM / QUEST principle.

It is a good Test of the ability of team cooperation, logical thinking and solving atypical tasks combined with exclusive fun.

We are developing a personalized route for the event, including checkpoints located all over Riga.

What makes the PanCars CODE Rally stand out?

In order to solve the tasks and get to the finish line, the participants have to work together - not only within one crew, but as a team - by combining several cars.

In order to find the main checkpoints and get directions to continue the route, each crew has to complete their own task / reed. The answers obtained must be put together by all the crews to obtain a joint team answer and an indication of the location of the special PANCARS safes.

Only by successfully completing individual car tasks and figuring out the right way to connect all the answers within several cars (teams) - the team will get a safe deposit box code to receive further instructions. And finally get to the treasures in the last safe - here we can also put specific "treasures" You find(but usually it is a treat from us).

Synergy - well-done individual work bears fruit for team victories, but high-quality team work and achieved victories give joy to each participant individually! 🙂

PANCARS CODE Rally takes up to 3,5 hours. 2 - 3 people in the car crew. In one team: 3- 5 cars.

The PanCars CODE Rally is ideal for gambling companies, companies and teams that value both the spirit of the competition and the sharpening of the mind and solving mysteries.

The concept of the event is also perfect for organizing competitions between several departments of the company.

We have 50 cars. Up to 315 people can take a part, combining Rally with our other services!

At the finish of the Rally, we recommend that everyone be greeted with warm soup and freshly grilled hot buns, so that everyone can regain the energy they have lost after the crazy race and share the experience.  

HERE - PANCARS EATS - a link to a democratic price list with a simple offer. 

Alternatively, we can definitely help with the best off-site catering offers 🙂 

PRICE: 210 EUR/car + VAT (21%)


  • car rental
  • full car cleaning
  • fuel for route
  • technical support with a spare car
  • tailor-made route & technical support with a spare car
  • walkie-talkies in each car
  • host / management of the event
  • medals for the 3 best teams

Optional services:

  • Damage and theft insurance (CDW) - 25 EUR / CAR (450 € deductible)
  • Personalized Fiat 126 car models (with company logo/name) sized 1:34 – 14.50 EUR, sized 1:21 – 29.50 EUR
  • GPS navigation - 15 EUR/piece
  • RADIO walkie-talkies - 15 EUR/piece
  • car delivery/pick-up within the city of RIGA - 30 EUR/car one way
  • car delivery/pick-up within the city of SIGULDA - 50 EUR/car one way
  • car delivery/pick-up within the city of JURMALA - 40 EUR/car one way